Fullcourt Press on ALS

About Our Organization

We’re helping people of all ages enjoy and spread awarness through basketball!

FullCourt Press on ALS was established in 2012. Its main aim was to offer opportunities for local residents to play basketball, and spread the message to fight ALS.

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  • Goal

    To combat ALS using basketball as a means of awarness.

  • Qualified players

    Even professionals have chipped in to spread the awareness of als.

  • Participants

    People from all ages can participate in the trickshot challenge.

  • Teamwork

    Together with teamwork we can all combat ALS.


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Penn Quakers


Temple Owls

  • Sporting Atmosphere

    We want to maintain a fun platform for all players to engage in.

  • Regular Events

    We have an extensive variety of events available to every player and/or visitor all year round.

  • Sportsmen Community

    We invite new and experienced basketball players to join and support our cause.