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Paul Barton

Head Coach

Paul’s Vision in His Own Words

I believe that basketball is the sport modern teens and children should try. At the certain point of my life, local basketball club was the place that helped me develop amazing endurance and developed my potential, making me believe in myself and achieve great results in professional sports.

As the Head Coach at Jumpers, I always feel that I’m responsible for the success of our team.

Actually, you don’t even imagine how many people need support on their way to professional basketball!

Today I can boast of the following awards, medals, and wins:

  • Five National Championships (1991, 1995, 2002, 2005, 2011)
  • 150 career wins
  • 5 Final Four appearances
  • 34 NBA Draft selections
  • 294 weeks among the nation’s top 10 players

I sincerely hope that by joining our basketball club, you or your children will get a new hobby, which may grow into a profession and will develop your strength, endurance, power of will, and team skills.

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